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THAI MASSAGE Stretches contracted muscles, revitalizes energy flow, breaks up scar tissue, encourages lymph and blood flow, stimulates relaxation and invites healing to the body. It has variously been compared to massage, rolfing, and even chiropractic. It is energetic, dynamic¬† work and is often called assisted yoga, yoga therapy, or “lazyman’s” yoga on account of its integrated stretching routines. It is all of these and more, in a balanced and whole body work out. The body will be guided through movements, while gentle compression is applied to the body using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and even feet. Sessions can be gentle and soothing or firmly therapeutic depending on your needs. Thai massage is ideal for most people who don’t have specific and acute contrary directives(often called contraindications), like advanced osteoporosis. And in almost any case sessions can be tailored to suit any persons level of health and mobility. Emphasis can be on stretching, or working the energy lines, which are called Sen in Thailand, or even just light touch!


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