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Return to thailand Jan 2011

It is warm here, another dreamy year, drifting by with surprising alacrity. I have just spent three weeks with the thai massage teacher Pichet Boonthumme, three weeks of amazing “pok pok”. “Pok pok” is the simulated strike of the Kruba cane, the proverbial knuckles across the forehead, a mental smackdown for thoughtless, buffalo thinking and buffalo work. It is a loving but very pointed scolding for following animal instinct and ignoring the deep listening needed to settle into true grounding and advance to higher levels of awareness and sensitivity. His classes have transformed year after year to more dharma talk and less technique. “There are many schools teaching technique. I am not teaching technique”. He is teaching people to listen to themselves. To listen to their bodies. To feel from deep intuition and not from the mind. To abandon self, the obstructing influence of ego, and tap into higher knowledge. He is a person of extraordinary intuition, and surely seems to embody the element that is “clairvoyant”. when you enter his domain he see’s your family karma, your thoughts, and your doubts. he knows when you have been good and when you’ve been bad. “Feeling on yourself. Same feeling another person” he will say in his own style of broken English. The “mind terrible” he says. nearly everyday he will say “yoga terrible! Where Yogi come from? from India! What Yogi do? In India? Meditation. Yogi no thinking. Yogi feeling with the body. You no feeling. How yoga helping?” In the west especially we tend to follow technique, to adhere to superficial methods and copy what we see, rather than stilling the mind to hear more subtle information. Prayer and meditation are the foundations of his practice and his great gift for healing. ” Pray to God(or Buddha, ..), pray to the teachers, pray to Mama and papa”. “Who give the body?” “Mama and Papa give. Pray thank you to mama and papa”. Then he will say “Who help you? God help you? God no help you. Help yourself.”

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