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My name is Dr. Renee Hilmer, and I think it is important that everyone know about Thai massage and the work of Josh Scoggins. I have not only experienced his work firsthand, I have recommended and received feedback from about 10-15 of my patients who had raving reviews of their new experience. Everyone wanted to be on the list for the next time Josh visited Austin. The list grew so large his second visit that some did not get in.

I always test out new modalities/therapies experiences, etc… before recommending them to those that trust me so this was no different. I could hardly relax my first time with him because I was so excited how it was going to help so many of my patients clear their physical bodies so that I could adjust them in a manner that was a smooth process on me and them simultaneously. One patient regained her ankle mobility after many years of not having it. No one appreciates ankle mobility until they have lost it. It is going to help me with the rest of body since the foundation(ankles) are in a better place. Others do no want to get a regular massage ever again. This form is so therapeutic and much more beneficial than the traditional Swedish massage.

If Josh Scoggins arrives in your town, I would highly recommend his work and that you tell at least three of your friends because you will never experience anything like it again.

Yours Always in Health,

Dr. Renee Hilmer, D.C., F.I.M.A.